Architect Luisa Teixeira’s interview to Divitek

What can you tell us about yourself and CRIA+ Arquitectos, your philosophy and way of working?

Cria+ arquitectos is an atelier founded in 2007, developing projects in the most varied areas, from Housing, Hotels, Clinics, Office Buildings, Industry, etc., both in new construction and in Rehabilitation. We also develop Urban Planning Projects in the areas of Land Division and Plans, Detail and Urbanization.

We believe that all projects must have the involvement of the client together with the architect and that each project is a new challenge in which we get involved body and soul.
Our mission is the quality and excellence of services provided to our clients, guaranteed through the adoption of sustainability criteria and suitability to environmental, economic, aesthetic and functional needs.

In this project you used porcelain tiles from Ragno Ceramiche. What would you highlight about the products chosen for the project?

One of the series we most use from Ragno in Clinics is “Incanto”, which I highlight for having several options in marble imitation, with an excellent quality print giving the architect the option to choose several different formats and finishes. In this Project we used the Graphite and the Statuario Venato with a final result that makes us very proud.

This is not the first time you use this brand in your projects. What would you highlight about this Italian brand?

It is a brand that we use for our residential and clinic projects, which we like a lot. This brand has fantastic collections that combine quality and versatility with competitive prices. It is one of the brands we use the most in revestments.

Which of the brands represented by DIVITEK do you like more and why?

When we discovered Divitek a few years ago we started using Profiltek shower screens in our projects and later the Profiltek shower trays (this brand is the one we still use preferentially whenever we need these products). With time other solutions were presented to us, namely the Ragno brand. Of course that in our choices also weighs the quality of attention that the represented companies give to their customers and it is here that Divitek stands out.

We know that your atelier has numerous dental clinic projects like this one in Carnaxide. Are you a specialist in this kind of projects or is it a coincidence the amount you have in your portfolio?

Cria mais started by developing in 2007 about 10 clinics for a client and since then we have been contacted for the design of other clinics. This area is very specific with rules that cross different legislations that not all architects dominate. And naturally, when a client decides to open his own clinic, he gets advice from other colleagues who end up referring us. And our work over the years in this area speaks for itself. Every month we design new spaces, and it’s an area of activity that we really enjoy.