An interview on Cria + for the Business Portugal magazine

Created in 2007, Atelier Cria + Arquitectos embraces the vision of viewing architecture as a constant symbiosis between space, volumes, and their entire context, without forgetting the people. To better understand the essence of the atelier, we spoke with Luísa Teixeira, CEO & Architect.

How does the trajectory of Cria + Arquitectos reflect the initial vision of viewing architecture as a constant symbiosis between space, volumes, and their entire context, without forgetting the people?

The trajectory of Cria + Arquitectos has evolved over the years, but we have always sought to remain true to the initial vision of approaching architecture as a dynamic harmony between space and the human context. From the beginning, we have committed not only to creating buildings but to designing spaces where people can experience environments that meet the needs of each program, challenging us to continuous improvement. Initially, we interact with our clients, who bring us different experiences, cultures, and objectives. Then, as a team, we create spaces that meet the clients’ expectations. People are at the center of our work because everything we do is directed towards them!

Based on the complementarity of services offered, how does the company provide its clients with comprehensive support, ranging from architectural projects to investment support consulting?

Our company is committed to providing our clients with comprehensive support that goes beyond conventional expectations. For instance, our competitive edge lies not in price, but in the quality of service we deliver and the value we add to each project. To achieve this, we integrate consultancy into our services in addition to architectural projects, recognizing the intrinsic complementarity between the two. This phase precedes the start of the project and allows investors to develop their investment plan, whether it’s a small or large-scale project, with the understanding that financial viability and profitability are fundamental aspects of any investment. Every project is unique, and we aim to work closely with the client from the beginning to understand their needs, vision, and objectives, whether they are investors or end clients, in housing, tourism, office projects, or the healthcare sector, where we have specialized over the years. What we offer is a personalized, client-centered approach in a continuous quest for the quality of our work and the value we bring to each project. Our team is multifaceted and develops innovative projects that not only meet technical and aesthetic requirements but also incorporate efficiency, sustainability, and functionality. Each project is a unique expression of the identity and aspirations of our clients.

The work developed in co-authorship with Architect Anabela Fernandes since 2016 has brought new perspectives and contributions to Cria + Arquitectos. How has this partnership enriched the company’s approach to architectural and urban planning projects?

Anabela joined our team as a result of a prior friendship that naturally evolved into a working partnership. She brought us extensive experience gained over many years in urban planning and architectural projects, and her collaboration has been extremely enriching in various aspects. We have built a symbiosis where unity arises from the diversity of experiences, which complement our team.

In the context of the company’s 17th anniversary, what are the main objectives and strategies outlined for the future? How does the company intend to maintain and expand the national and international recognition achieved so far?

We make a very positive assessment of these 17 years and aim to continue shaping the future by constantly seeking new ideas and implementing processes such as AI, which, together with methodologies already in place, allow us to broaden our architectural scope. As a company, we always strive to improve our standards of excellence in all aspects of our work, investing in innovation and creativity. We aim to continue showcasing our work through participation in competitions and maintaining an online presence on various digital platforms, seeking to expand our network of contacts and reach new clients. Additionally, we are investing in participating in conferences.

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